living art.
living heritage.

wingtai_sec1_pic1 Le Nouvel Ardmore Artist's Impression
wingtai_sec1_box2 The Tembusu Artist's Impression
wingtai_sec1_pic2 The Crest Artist's Impression
Le Nouvel Ardmore The Crest

The development objectives of Wing Tai Asia are directed by quality and progressive design, with a consciousness for the environment. Principles of sustainability are articulated in our design and development approaches for enrichment of living environments, integrating developments into surrounding greenery and locale, transforming living spaces into cherished homes.

Challenging convention while embracing heritage and tradition, exciting yet functional, our projects invite people to appreciate the beauty of timeless design. We have a steadfast commitment to quality in every aspect of our developments, from immaculate craftsmanship to impeccable service. This finesse is manifested in our pairing of world-renowned architects and designers for collaborations, bringing together contrasting approaches and cultures to create projects that break new ground.

With an attractive portfolio of residential properties that are globally sought after by a discerning clientele, like Le Nouvel Ardmore, The Crest, The Tembusu, The Garden Residences, Belle Vue Residences and Draycott Eight, we constantly seek to create lasting value for our customers.

The tembusu